Here you will find the richest musical repertoire, personal and meticulous treatment from the beginning of the event to its end.

Each event has its own character, shape, atmosphere and requirement. We are here to bring you the best musical and visual concept for your event.

So who are we suitable for?

And toasts

We understand the importance of toast events and conferences. we know that music will transmit the atmosphere you want,and is basically the voice of the soul of all of us, and its impossible without it.


For this goal, we have assembled for you a variety of light and even striking musical solutions and compositions, with a cool and charismatic singer, or a violin player to a saxophonist, or a harp player accompanied by a mad ethnic ensemble, or even a violin singer and player.


Everything can fit, it's up to you.


Therefore, we would love to meet and hear from you what is the theme of the conference or toast you are holding, so that you will find the most winning musical composition for you.


Worker's committees
Company events and business events

Do you have a business event?
Do you have a corporate event? Workers' Party, Outdoor Event, Festival?


We are here for you to bring a different phase, a musical experience that will leave you with a taste of more and a smile that will  smears on your face.


We are up to date bringingevery week, everything that excites and bounces.


We have enough Djs, musical ensembles, and various shows that will create exactly what you need and to your liking.


So talk to us and tell us what are your  thoughts and what did you plan? What kind of audience, and what concept you see in your imagination, and together we will create a musical content that will fit exactly to your needs.


Private Events

In many of the company's services we provide musical services for private events. We live and breathe music so we are always up to date and attentive. We can give you a live show of our flagship band (D BAND); An energetic performance for the entire evening or a breakout gig with DJs and players. All according to the nature of the event and according to your wishes. And we promis: no one is left to sit.


The show features songs in many styles, the best hits of all times on radio, television and clubs: Beyonce Tina Turner, Artha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Abba, Rihanna, Icon, Black Eyed Peas, David Guetta, Hive, Mosh Ben Ari, Sarit Haddad, Eyal Golan, Moshe Peretz, Shlomi Shabbat and more and more hits.


We adapt to every event and musical style. Visually, we create an atmosphere of party, fun and exclusivity at the same time. Our success in creating such an atmosphere for both the family event, birthdays, weddings and bari or mitzvahs has brought us to a limited list of Israelis who made it internationaly.


We would love to bring in your event the same joy that we have been spreading in recent years all over Europe, USA, Asia and Israel of course. 


Refael Music and Entertainment does it with a great love for the profession, giving you a memorable evening in the highest standards so that everyone will remember long after the event.


Hotel Pool

Refael Music and Entertainment, provides service of singer-songwriters and various musical ensembles to hotels, and various guest houses across the country.


Promising the most professional entertainers:

It could be a single singer, or a sax player, violin and even Buzuki.

It can also be a duo, or a trio and a singer with two musicians,

Everything according to your eyesight and requirements, we will provide you with everything that comes to mind.

There is no doubt that professional singers and musicians, performing  vividly and heartily the all-time favorite songs, being in a relaxed lobby , or the exclusive bar, when there is always room for a romantic double dance, or a fun and joyful atmosphere, makes a big, uplifting and change of mood  makes a very big change.

We would love to be heard.