Looking for something different and special? A one that will get you excited and differentiate your event from the other standard events you've already seen?

We create and update ourselves all the time to be able to provide our customers with all the latest  music productions in Israel and around the world.

In our teem we have selected  the best singers and instrumentalists.

The importance of giving everyevent the right music and teem to match the exact  nature of the audience and the event is a number one responsibility.

Our company provides special concept shows tailored to organizations and companies looking to get out of the ordinary and enjoy a special and different live performance.


In our shows: An Israeli show that combines nostalgia and the newest hits, a bouncy Latin show, and an authentic Greek ensemble.

We also offer ensembles for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and receptions. We offer many options ranging from DJs to singers, an extended band of musicians and singers, and all playing live music.

Refael Music and Productions is a professional company founded by Refael Dahan, soloist of Eden, a leader in music for events in Israel and around the world's field,

Here you will find the richest musical repertoire, performed by great musician and people, while given a personal and meticulous treatment from the beginning of the event to the very last guest.